Why is the web page called Art's List ?

Art's List is dedicated to a man named Art and the people on a mailing list he maintains.  Art and the people on the mailing list shared  common ancestors with me.  It was also the region, of Jackson and Mason Counties, I was researching.  With their help Art's List grew from about five or six hundred names to over thirteen thousand names.  Seven thousand seventy-three are male (7,073).  Six thousand six hundred twenty-five (6,625) are female.  There are over one hundred eighty-six (186) photos.  You will find pictures of headstones and obituaries.  There are some vocal recordings of local musical artist.  I am beginning to build a data list of the cause of death for individuals.  I  usually play with the Art's List every day, usually it is to make corrections or adding new people and data.  Check out the What's New section of the drop down menu on the left.  While you are checking things out look at the Notes section of the drop down menu.  The notes are on the left column and in the right column is the family or individal the note is connected to by clicking on this name you will see the family or person you are the note belongs to. These notes are very informative and may or may not pertain to the individual  you are reading about at the time.  This was caused by a software glitch.  There are two thousand five  hundred eleven (2,511) Notes.  It would be very time consuming to find the glitches not to mention correcting them.  So instead of changing them all at one time I change them as I find them.  Sorry about that but if you find one let me know and I will correct it right away.  I hope  you enjoy Art's List and that you come back often.