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Otha Early (Bill) and son James Leroy (Jim Bob) Miller

Early Otho and son James Leroy Miller with a working pair of mules. Early was better known as Bill and James Leroy was always called Jim Bob. 
James Leroy Miller
Otha Earl Miller
Left to Right: Jean Burns (wife to Darrell Wayne), Karen Burns (daughter of Jean and Darrell), Eric Burns (son of Darrell), Dora Ellen Hughes Roseberry, Darrell Wayne Burns, Richard Burns, Pami Burns (daughter of Richard), Dorothy Sayre Burns (wife of Richard) 
Charles Richard Burns
Dora Ellen Hughes
Dorthy Lynn Sayre
3  Kathleen M. Hawk
Kathleen M. Hawk was appointed Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons on December 4, 1992. She is a native of West Virginia and attended Wheeling Jesuit College and WVU.  
4  Marian McQuade (1917-2008)
Marian McQuade (1917-2008) campaigned in West Virginia and later nationwide to set aside a day for grandparents. In 1973 West Virginia became the first state with a special day to honor grandparents when Gov. Arch Moore proclaimed May 27, 1973, Grandparents Day. In September 1978 the White House called her to inform her that President Carter had signed a bill designating the Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparents Day beginning in 1979. In 1989 the U. S. Postal Service issued a tenth anniversary commemorative envelope bearing the likeness of Marian McQuade in honor of National Grandparents Day. She was born Marion Herndon in Caperton and later lived in Oak Hill.  
5  Nancy Hart (1846?-1913)
Nancy Hart (1846?-1913) was a noted Confederate scout, guide, and spy. Hart ran away from home at the age of 14 to join a band of rebel raiders known as the Moccasin Rangers. In 1862 she was captured by Union forces but escaped from jail in Summersville. After the war Nancy Hart Douglas and her husband Josh lived at Spring Creek in Greenbrier County. She also had lived in Roane, Calhoun, and Nicholas counties, but was born in Raleigh, N. C. She grew up on Greenbrier Road near Richwood. She is buried at Manning Knob near the Nicholas-Greenbrier county border.  
6  Cherry Grove Cemetery Cherry Grove Cemetery
Status: Located. Gate opening into Cherry Grove Cemetery 
7  History of $2 Bill History of $2 Bill
First of all have you ever seen a $2 dollar bill?

Back of $2 Dollar Bill

The reason the $2 Dollar bill is of interest to members of Art's List is the picture on the back. Former U.S. President Thomas Jefferson is featured on the obverse of the note. The painting The Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull is featured on the reverse. The design on the obverse (excluding the elements of a Federal Reserve Note) is the oldest of all current U.S. currency having been adopted in 1929; the reverse is the second oldest design having been adopted in 1976. If you look close at the names in this painting you will see some very familiar names; Hewes (Hughes), Livingston, Hall. We know that Hews connects to our Hughes on WV Route 87. I am still researching the Livingstons and Halls. A key to the names is included in this document.

Click here for History Lesson


Joseph Hewes
8  Roseberry-Hart Cemetery Roseberry-Hart Cemetery
Status: Located. View of Roseberry-Hart Cemetery 
9 Antioch Antioch
Status: Located. View of Antioch Church Cemetery 
10 Antioch Church Antioch Church
Status: Located. View from cemetery looking towards church. 
11 Antioch View Antioch View
Status: Located. View of Cemetry looking toward the church. 
12 Bobbi Ann Bobbi Ann
Barbara Ann Miller
13 Bobbi Ann Bobbi Ann
Two years old. Feeding the chickens at the Flatwoods Farm 
Barbara Ann Miller
14 Cherry Grove Cemetery View Cherry Grove Cemetery View
Status: Located.  
15  Smilin Dale Roseberry By Clicking on View this item a copy of the pamphlet mentioned below will download. If you have dial-up it may be slow to load. It is a PDF File.
Cecil Dale Roseberry (Smilin Dale) and his brother Lovell Lee "Bob" Roseberry were popular "hillbilly music" artist. They appeared on several radio programs and made many public appearances. They were on their way to becoming big stars. This dream was cut short when Cecil Dale was killed in a car wreck in Grundy, Virginia on 19 September 1941. Entertainers as a way to keep in touch with their listeners, keep their fans updated on what the artist was doing, where their next public appearace was going to be often wrote newsletters. They also wrote little books about themselves and songs and music they had written. These books were mailed out to the listeners. The cost of the books was a nominal amount. (usually just enough to cover postage) The request for these newsletters and books was a way to let keep the station manager informed of the artist popularity. After "Smilin Dale was killed in the car wreck people wanted to know what happened and how his family was getting along. In response to those request Bob wrote a small pamphlet about the life of his brother "Smilin Dale Roseberry". The book contained a short bio of Dale's life and some of the songs and poetry that he and Cecil Dale wrote. This booklet was mailed to listeners of their radio programs.  
Cecil Dale Roseberry
Lovell Lee Roseberry
16Aberham Herdman and Tacie Campcydell Livingston Baker HerdmanAberham Herdman and Tacie Campcydell Livingston Baker Herdman
Aberham Herdman
Tacie Campcydell Livingston
17Abiajah Herdman Home PlaceAbiajah Herdman Home Place
Abiajah Turner and Lou Roseberry Herdman lived here all of their married lives according to family sources. This old homestead has been gone for many years but not forgotten. 
Abijah Turner Herdman
Maria Louise Roseberry
18Abijah B. HuntAbijah B. Hunt
Status: Located. Abijah B. Hunt Confederate States Army - Pvt CO B 22VA INF
14 Feb 1802 - 15 Dec 1891 
Abijah Hunt
19Albert Roush and wife Velsie Miller RoushAlbert Roush and wife Velsie Miller Roush
Family: Miller/Matheny (F160)
Velsie Miller
Albert Roush
20Albert Sawyer FamilyAlbert Sawyer Family
Albert Sawyer Family Can you match these faces with the faces in the older Sawyer Family Photo?

Family: Sawyer/Brown (F3009)
21Alta Leota Matheny MillerAlta Leota Matheny Miller
Alta Leota Matheny
22Alverta Christine Donohew Alverta Christine Donohew
Alverta Christine Donohew  
Alverta Christine Donohew
23Anderson - Anderson CemeteryAnderson - Anderson Cemetery
Status: Located. Anderson, William A., b 1802 d 13 Apr 1875; son of Andrew and Chloe White-Anderson

Peter F Anderson
Samuel J. Anderson, 1835
William A Anderson
Sophia Jean Victoria Edmonds
Charity Shinn
Chloe White
24 Anderson Andrew -- Died 21 Aug 1921 - Buried at Jackson County Infirmary Cemetery
in the 1920 census there is a William Anderson living at the poor house at Cottageville, WV shows he was married age 72 would made it about right for this one..

Also an Andrew Anderson age 68 widow. 
25Anna Elizabeth Sayre BarnettAnna Elizabeth Sayre Barnett
Anna Elizabeth Sayre
26 Anna Jarvis - Founder of Mother's Day A printed card means nothing except that you are too lazy to write to the woman who has done more for you than anyone in the world. And candy! You take a box to Mother—and then eat most of it yourself. A pretty sentiment. —Anna Jarvis.
The modern Mother's Day holiday was created by Anna Jarvis in Grafton, West Virginia, as a day to honor mothers and motherhood; especially within the context of families, and family relationships. It is now celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, some of which have a much older tradition than the modern holiday (e.g. dating to the 16th century in the UK). Father's Day is a corresponding holiday honoring fathers.

The holiday eventually became so commercialized that many, including its founder, Anna Jarvis, considered it a "Hallmark Holiday", i.e. one with an overwhelming commercial purpose. Anna eventually ended up opposing the holiday she had helped to create. 
27Antioch Cemetery - Ruth Parsons BonecutterAntioch Cemetery - Ruth Parsons Bonecutter
Status: Located. Ruth Parsons Bonecutter 
Ruth Parsons
28Antioch ChurchAntioch Church
Antioch Church 
29Apple Butter Festival Evans, West Virginia, USAApple Butter Festival Evans, West Virginia, USA
It is about time some of you youngins took over. 
30Apple Butter Festival, Evans, WV, USAApple Butter Festival, Evans, WV, USA
The job is always easier when shared. 
31Apple Butter Festival, Evans, WV, USAApple Butter Festival, Evans, WV, USA
Where do you think you are going? Get back here! 
32Apple Butter Festival, Evans, WV, USAApple Butter Festival, Evans, WV, USA
A Family Affair 
33Apple Butter Festival, Evans, WV, USAApple Butter Festival, Evans, WV, USA
Just a dab more sugar! 
34Apple Butter Festival, Evans, WV, USAApple Butter Festival, Evans, WV, USA
Stir, Stir, Stir
35 Arlington National Cemetery
36 Armistice (Veteran's) Day
37Atmer and Dollie Miller NicholsAtmer and Dollie Miller Nichols
Family: Nicholl/Miller (F169)
38 Baden Presbyterian Church
Baden Presbyterian Church was organized November 12, 1895, and built on land given by L. H. & Maggie Baird. The carpenters were Ed Kinzel, Jim Johnston, and Mr. Matheny. The bell was given by Mrs. Lewis Schwarz. The first pastor was Rev. Rogers. The first trustees were Lewis Schwarz, A. H.
Rieineer, J. E. Bauer, Phillip Yauger, and B. F. Wilcoxen 
39Baden Store on WV Route 87Baden Store on WV Route 87
On WV Route 87 in the 1940s and 1950s, Baden Store on Baden Ridge, Lloyd and Minnie Casto's at Gunville, and the Rolling Store which came through every Wednesday, were the only places to buy the staples of life. Going to the store was a treat.
Dad would hitch up the team about once a month and the family would go to the store. All of the other necessary things of life - salt, sugar, coffee, store bought candy, tobacco and chicken feed were bought at these stores. The chicken feed came in beautiful cotton print sacks. I have had a many a dress and quite a few pair of bloomers made from those feed sacks.
The Rolling Store was a semi-truck with shelves that held canned goods, and all of the other things we needed. If you wanted something special you would order it and the next week the Rolling Store would deliver it. When I went to Longview School the teacher would let us have recess when the Rolling Store came by; you could buy the world with a nickel back then. I was reminded in an email the other day that the 'ROLLIN STORE" was run by John Morgan. I did not remember his name just the fact the store came from Galpolis, Ohio.
Quincy Adam Balch 
Qunicy Adam Balch
William Balch - Son of Samuel and Martha Hannah Vining Balch 
42Balch - ViningBalch - Vining
Samuel and Martha Hannah Vining Balch. Photo taken in front of family home. The woman standing on the porch is Cora Balch their daughter. Notice the dinner bell on the pole in the far left side of the picture. This bell not only summoned every one to supper, but was used to let the ones working in the fields they were needed when it was rung at other times. 
Family: Balch/Vining (F4606)
Samuel Balch
Martha Vining
Status: Located. Nellie Balch-Stewart Mt Moriah Cemetery 
Nellie E. Balch
Nellie Balch-Stewart daughter of Samuel Balch and Martha Hannah Vining-Balch 
Nellie E. Balch
Thomas E Stewart and wife Nellie Balch-Stewart 
John Thomas Ball 
John Thomas Ball
47Barbara Ann Miller (Bobbi Ann) and Clyde Ivan Miller, Jr (Sonny)Barbara Ann Miller (Bobbi Ann) and Clyde Ivan Miller, Jr (Sonny)
This photo was taken about 1944 at the farm in Flatwoods, West Virgina. Bobbie Ann is in front with Sonny peeping from behind her. Sonny was always shy when he was little, especially if a camera was involved. 
Family: Miller/Casto (F6)
Russell Barr 
Russell Barr
49Barr - AndersonBarr - Anderson
Marriage License for George Barr and Prudence Anderson 
Family: Barr/Anderson (F74)
50Barr - Anderson - George Issac and Prudence Anderson Barr, DaughtersBarr - Anderson - George Issac and Prudence Anderson Barr, Daughters
Daughters of George Issac and Prudence Anderson Barr Back Row Mary Catherine Barr Sayre (12 Dec 1855-02 Jul 1934), Cynthia Alice 'Allie' Barr Stone Front Row Belinda Barr Morrison, Christina Florence Barr Kay, Rosetta Isabella Barr Casto (15 Jul 1865-14 Dec 1948) 
Family: Barr/Anderson (F74)
Belinda Jane Barr
Christina Florence Barr
Cynthia Alice Barr
Mary Catherine Barr
Rosetta Isabella Barr

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