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51Barr - CampbellBarr - Campbell
Marriage Licence Isaac Barr and Mary Campbell 
Family: Barr/Campbell (F75)
52Barr - HallBarr - Hall
Marriage License for George Barr and Louise (?) Hall 
Family: Barr/Hall (F4835)
53Barr - Pina Mae Barr StoneBarr - Pina Mae Barr Stone
Alpina Mae Barr
54Barr RoseberryBarr Roseberry
LR Daisy Barr Donohew, Dora Ellen Hughes Roseberry, Unknown 
Daisy Violet Barr
Dora Ellen Hughes
55Barr SayreBarr Sayre
Daisy Barr Donohew and Ethel Mae Sayre - My guess is they are getting ready to make apple butter. 
Daisy Violet Barr
Ethel Mae Sayre
56Barr, Dixon,Donohew, Gerlach, Herdman, Hughes, Pullins FamilyBarr, Dixon,Donohew, Gerlach, Herdman, Hughes, Pullins Family
Back Row John Barr, Russell Barr, Overt Pullins (son of Nettie Barr Pullins), Blonda Gay Dixon, Freda Garnett Barr Dixon, Bernice Roseberry (?), Daisy Barr Donohew, Pug Barr (GD) Ernest Donohew, Lucy or Nettie Barr (?)Nancy Margaret Barr, Audery Esta Gerlach Barr, Homer Lee Roseberry, Ado Barr,

FR Bert Barr, Dora Hughes Roseberry, Delda Hughes Barr, Abijah Herdman, Lou Roseberry Herdman,
Children seated on ground Lillian Donohew Hoshar, Kenneth Donohew, Grant Donohew, Verlin Dixon  
Homer Lee Roseberry
John Barr and Marriann Hunt's Marriage Licence 
Family: Barr/Hunt (F78)
Beulah Marcella (Pug)Barr Stover 
Beulah Marcella Barr
The Highway Bluegrass Boys
Local Jackson County - Lowell Hood, Janey Hood, Jimmie Kenneth (Butch) Sayre 
Lowell Hood
Jimmie Kenneth Sayre
60 Beech Grove School
61 Beech Grove School
Beech Grove School School was located on the middle fork of Cow Run. If memory serves me right this school was near the Miller Home Place and the Hoschar Home Place 
62Ben Anderson 1850-1901Ben Anderson 1850-1901
Status: Located. Ben Anderson 1850-1901 
Benjamin Anderson
63Benjamin Lockwood SmithBenjamin Lockwood Smith
Benjamin Lockwood Smith 
Benjamin Lockwood Smith
64Benjamin Lockwood SmithBenjamin Lockwood Smith
Benjamin Lockwood Smith 
Benjamin Lockwood Smith
65 Bethel Church and Cemetery
Bethel Cemetery, Leon, Mason
County, West Virginia. Some people confuse this with Baden Presbyterian Church which is located on Route 87. Bethel Church is located on Leon-Baden Road.  
66Birth Record - J. M. MillerBirth Record - J. M. Miller
John Maranda Miller - I have seen the hand written record of this document, the one we are viewing is a delayed BC. Original record reads same as this one.  
John Maranda Miller, 1871
67Birthday Party for Minnie Casto at her home at Gunville, early 50's, Minnie and her husband Lloyd Casto operated the  general store on Gunville Road.  Help us identify the attendees.
Birthday Party for Minnie Casto at her home at Gunville, early 50's, Minnie and her husband Lloyd Casto operated the " general store" on Gunville Road. Help us identify the attendees.
(1)The larger gentleman seated on the sofa on the left (actually center of the photo, with a child peering over his arm) Roy Russell Buckalew [8-MAY1892 to 29MAY1956] in bib overalls and what appears to be a gray long sleeve shirt.

(2)The lady, second from the left with what appears to be a gray jacket and white blouse, round faced and glasses is Bertha (Cossin) Buckalew [1893-1956].
(3) The man in plaid jacket is Joseph Walton Beattie. The man directly behind him is Art Hartley.
(4) Amanda Stover is to the left of J.W. Bettie, and the little girl in front of her is her daughter, Thelma.
(5)The little boy off to the side on the right side on someone's lap is Sammy Click, son of Frank and Virginia Hartley Click. Virginia is on the back row. I think Frank is holding Sammy
(6)To the right of Roy Buckalew, Uncle Ed McClure, and Mode Baker ( brother of Minnie Casto).
(7)Front Row: Left to Right: Merlin Hill Hartley, (seated) Bertha Buckalew, (little girl ?), _____Cain, Delores McClure, Mary Agnes Newell, little boy ?, Sammy Click on his Dad's lap, Second Row: Ruth McClure Stone, Estella Wedge, Elsa Stover, Omen Newell, Minnie Casto, Amanda Stover with dau. Thelma in front of her, Walton Beattie, _______man ?, Wayne Mcclure,Back Row: ______lady?, _____lady? Clara Baker King, Teene McClure, Virginia Hartley Click, Minnie Newberry Hartley, Ivy Durst ,_____lady? Sidney Durst, Art Hartley, Ralph Durst, Denver Casto, Donnie Hill and Paul Durst.

This store played a prominent part in the lives of those who lived in the WV 87 region.

Family: Casto/Baker (F4632)
68Bonnie Jean WorkmanBonnie Jean Workman
Bonnie Jean Workman 
Bonnie Jean Workman
69 Booker T. Washington (1856-1915)
Mr. Washington lived in Malden, WV. Booker T. Washington (1856-1915), an educator who was appointed organizer and principal of what is now Tuskegee University in 1881. Washington made the institution into a major center for industrial and agricultural training and in the process became a well-known public speaker. He was born on a plantation in Franklin Co., Va., the son of a slave. Following the Civil War, his family moved to Malden, W. Va., where he worked in a salt furnace and in coal mines. In his autobiography Up From Slavery, Washington wrote:

At that time salt-mining was the great industry in that part of West Virginia, and the little town of Malden was right in the midst of the salt-furnaces. My stepfather had already secured a job at a salt-furnace and he had also secured a little cabin for us to live in. Our new house was no better than the one we had left on the old plantation in Virginia. In fact, in one respect it was worse. Notwithstanding the poor condition of our plantation cabin, we were at all times sure of pure air. Our new home was in the midst of a cluster of cabins crowded closely together, and as there were no sanitary regulations, the filth about the cabins was often intolerable. Some of our neighbours were coloured people, and some were the poorest and most ignorant and degraded white people. It was a motley mixture. Drinking, gambling, quarrels, fights, and shockingly immoral practices were frequent. All who lived in the little town were in one way or another connected with the salt business. Though I was a mere child, my stepfather put me and my brother at work in one of the furnaces. Often I began work as early as four o'clock in the morning.

After working in the salt furnace and coal mines, Washington was hired to work as a servant for Mrs. Viola Ruffner, the wife of Gen. Lewis Ruffner, the owner of the salt furnace and coal mines.  
70Bottom Lisa and Ben Top Zach
Bottom Lisa and Ben Top Zach
Lisa Miller 
Lisa Dawn Miller
71 Bowen - Obituary
Alma B. Herdman Hoffman Bowen 
72 Bowen - Obituary
William K. Bowen 
73Brooklyn SayreBrooklyn Sayre
Brooklyn Sayre-Hunt
74 Buck - Obituary
Ronda Sue Buck
She is a decendent of Peter T. Herdman 
75 Bumpus - Obituary
Bonnie Mae Hughes Bumpus 
76Burden SayreBurden Sayre
Giard Sayre and Gwelda Burden 
Gwelda E Burden
Giard Martin Sayre
77Burdette - Pine Grove CemeteryBurdette - Pine Grove Cemetery
Status: Located. Marn C. and Effie E. Burdette 
78Burdette FamilyBurdette Family
Front row - Roy S. Burdette,Melvin Burdette(in picture), James H. Burdette
2nd. row - Robert Burdette(white t-shirt),Rosa Sayre Burdette, Clarence Milton Burdette, Grace Burdette Alchick (white blouse), Douglas R. Monroe, Pricilla Mabry(little girl)
3rd. row - Martha Webb Burdette,Blanche Burdette(white earrings), Robert L. Parks,Enola Mae Burdette Parks(my mother), Ray Monroe,Paul Alchick,Beulah Burdette Monroe, Frank P. Mabry ll, Mary Burdette Mabry
Rosa Sayre
79Burns - RoseberryBurns - Roseberry
Richard Burns - Son of Opal Violet Roseberry Burns and Joseph Burns and

Grandson of Homer and Dora Hughes Roseberry.
Charles Richard Burns
80Burns, Fox, Roseberry, SayreBurns, Fox, Roseberry, Sayre
Armor Dale Sayre (Jack and Verda's son), Mamie Belle Roseberry, Dana Clark Fox and Richard Burns 
Charles Richard Burns
Dana Clark Fox
Mamie Bell Roseberry
Armour Dale Sayre, Sr
81Butchering TimeButchering Time
Delia Sayre, Harley Sayre, Wall Herdman, Robert Herdmam 
Family: Herdman/Miller (F162)
Robert Johnny Herdman
Wallie Wyval Herdman
Harley H. Sayre
82 Cadle - Obituary
Bonnie Cadle Hartley 
Bonnie Cadle
83Cambell- Creston CemeteryCambell- Creston Cemetery
Status: Located. Clarence and Lottie Thornton Cambell

Lottie was Clarence's first wife, second wife Ivy King, third wife Sybil Sayre Hill Sayre 
Clarence Harold Campbell
Lottie Thornton
84Campbell - Creston CemeteryCampbell - Creston Cemetery
Status: Located. Camden Campbell
Second son of Clarene and Lottie Campbell 
Camden Campbell
85Campbell - Spruce CemeteryCampbell - Spruce Cemetery
Status: Located. Daniel Thomas and Mazilia Ester Barr Cambell 
Mazilla Ester Barr
Daniel Thomas Campbell
86Campbell - Spruce CemeteryCampbell - Spruce Cemetery
Status: Located. Rosa E. Campbell 
87 Campbell Thomas (Nor our Thomas) --- January 19 1885
St. Louis Post Dispatch new
Contributed by Gigimo

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Description: Stranger Than Fiction. A Grandson of the Scotch Poet, Thomas CAMPBELL, Arrested for Chicken Stealing.

Date: January 19 1885

Newspaper published in: St. Louis, MO
Parkersburg, W. Va., January 19.

Chief of Police MEHEN was surprised today at receiving, from Thomas CAMPBELL, a prisoner in the County Jail charged with chicken stealing, a letter wherein was set forth in the most exceptionable English a story which shows in a startling manner the ups and downs of life. The writer asserts that he is a grandson of Thomas CAMPBELL, the Scotch poet, and details his life and that of his family so minutely as to leave no doubt of the truth of the story. He says he was born near Edinburgh and was brought to American when 4 years old. At the outbreak of the war he served four years, falling from the ranks of the One Hundred and Thirty-third Pennsylvania Volunteers at the Wilderness with five bullets in his body. Recovering, he went abroad to complete his education, and in 1870 graduated from the University of Paris. Afterwards he took a medical course at Berlin, and the following year engaged in the drug business in Zanesville, Ohio. He was ruined by the floods of last February, and removed with his family to Pennsylvania. He went to Pittsburg, and, finding his finances low, secured a flat-boat and embarked his family for Cincinnati, intending to engage in the rag and junk business en route. At Marietta he fell in with a stranger, who suggested the poultry business as an auxiliary. This was agreed to, but in a few days the partner let a number of fowls escape, and, to avoid loss, made up the deficiency from a neighboring farm yard. CAMPBELL sold the stolen poultry, and was soon after arrested and jailed. The case excites much interest here.

Submitted: 09/15/10  
88 Capt. Andrew Hatfield
Capt. Andrew Hatfield participated in the famous Battle of Point Pleasant, the first real battle of the American Revolution, in 1774. He had earlier settled on Big Stoney Creek, in what is now West Virginia, where he constructed a fort as protection against Indians.  
89 Carl Virgil Cossin - POW
In 2004 the last ESTIMATES on those missing in Korean Conflict, there were an ESTIMATED 7,140 POWs , 2,701 died while POWs , 4,448 were returned to US Military Control, 21 refused to return to the US. There are approximately 2,100 Korean Conflict POWs still living. Among those surviving POWs Carl Virgil Cossin.  
Carl Virgil Cossin
90Carmelita Dale McKemCarmelita Dale McKem
Carmelita Dale McKemy 
Carmelita Dale McKemy
Susan Jane Carr-Bibbee
Susan Jane Carr
Front Row - Jeptha Mason Rosetta Isabella Barr Casto
Back Row - Brother of Jeptha Mason and a sister-in-law 
Rosetta Isabella Barr
Jeptha Mason Casto
LR Charles Ray Casto, his mother Marie Luckadew Casto, and his father Otho Casto 
Family: Casto/Luckydew (F1728)
Charles Ray Casto
Otho Casto
Marie Luckydew
Velma Casto Hill Mason Casto and Thelma Casto Miller. Picture was taken in mid 30s Dunbar West Virginia 
Family: Casto/Rhodes (F8)
James Mason Casto
Thelma Casto
Velma Casto
We beleive the child is Danny Ray Burn. The older gentlemen is Elias Casto. I do not believe it is Elias Fredrick Casto. He always wore a full beard. 
96 Casto - Obituary
Nellie Frances Sayre Casto 
Nellie Sayre
97 Casto - Obituary
James Mason Casto 
James Mason Casto
98 Casto - Obituary
Archie A. Casto 
99 Casto - Obituary
Baylos Valentine Casto 
100 Casto - Obituary
Margaret Cain Miller Casto 

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