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3651 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I540)
3652 [HartleyRay.FTW]

His Father Marvin Markham. 
Markham, Terry Dean (I3315)
3653 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3456)
3654 [HartleyRay.FTW]

His mother was Luvina Myrtle Rhodes McKemy, father John Kenna McKemy.
S. S. number issued in WV. 
McKemy, William Clinton (I3543)
3655 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3515)
3656 [HartleyRay.FTW]

His Parent were Fred and Nellie Pauline (Sayre) Sayre. 
Sayre, Luster Esmer (I390)
3657 [HartleyRay.FTW]

His parents Ephrim and Hettie Steele, Hattie was born in Wetzel Co ., WV th is information was on Aley birth record at Jackson Co. courthous e. Broth er Jesse Hoy (Hod) his wife is Rosetta Michael Herdman 2 sons Ler oy and Fr ed, Sister Focie Stover. He died in Nov 1978. He had 14 grandchi ldren. 
Herdman, Aley Opal (I3144)
3658 [HartleyRay.FTW]

His parents John Oliver and Flora Ellen (Dunlap) Shinn. 
Shinn, Howard Alton (I2684)
3659 [HartleyRay.FTW]

His parents Kenny and Maxine Baker Smith 
Smith, Dale Gene (I3939)
3660 [HartleyRay.FTW]

His parents Mr. Galen W. (deceased) and Mrs. Alma Coll Lewis. 
Lewis, David Coll (I3444)
3661 [HartleyRay.FTW]

His parents was E. D. and Dora Flowers Casto. 
Casto, Clyde Asbury (I3398)
3662 [HartleyRay.FTW]

His parents was Jasper and Martha Barnett Sayre. 
Sayre, Virgil Delbert (I7166)
3663 [HartleyRay.FTW]

His S.S. card was issued in PA.
Roy Clifford Hunt, 71, died at home after a long illness
He was a member of the Operating Engineers, a construction worker in h ea vy equipment and was a member of the Antioch United Methodist Church.
Surviving; wife Phyllis Thornton Hunt; sons; Lloyd Arnold of Cottagev il le , Richard, of Sandyville, Hershell of Follansbee, Martin of Clarkso n, M ich, roger of Parkersburg; daughter, Mrs. Brenda McMaster of Elizabet h; br other, Lawrence of Cottageville; half sister, Gertrude Miller of Par kersbu rg; and 20 grandchildren.
Burial was in Antioch cemetery. 
Hunt, Roy Clifford (I3719)
3664 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2661)
3665 [HartleyRay.FTW]

I am send you this just as is. I know there are spelling errors. I f ou nd a few while printing, but you may have a lot of this informatio n. I to ld you I would sent you a disk with this on, but though it wou ld be easi er I if sent you a print out, I run the Hartley then the Hughe s. The Hartl ey's you may not want. The two families do go together fr om my family hist ory.

Mrs. B. Maxine Franklin
R. R. 2 Box 13 Angerona Rd.
Cottageville, WV 25239
Email Address
(My granddaughter's Email address) 
Hartley (I4067)
3666 [HartleyRay.FTW]

In 1969 he lived in Scio, OH. 
Harrison, Joseph (I2758)
3667 [HartleyRay.FTW]

In 1969 she lived in Carrolton, OH. 
Harrison, Grace (I2757)
3668 [HartleyRay.FTW]

In 1969 she lived in Dennison, OH. 
Harrison, Florence (I2759)
3669 [HartleyRay.FTW]

In 1969 she lived in Portland, Oregon. 
Unknown, Dorothy (I2829)
3670 [HartleyRay.FTW]

In June 7, 1912 newspaper Charles H. Hartley of Cottageville was in Ri pl ey on business this week.

This was published in The Jackson Herald, Friday, April 28, 196 1, pa ge 12 (Ripley, WV newspaper)
"Uncle Charley" Dies At Morgantown Home

Morgantown-- Charles H. Hartley, 76, know to thousands of West Virgin ia a nd others as "Uncle Charlie," died in a local hospital Sunday eveni ng aft er a brief illness. He retired in 1952 as Director of the State 4 -H Ca mp at Jackson's Mill and State 4-H Club Leader at West Virginia Univ ersit y. He was one of the founders of the State 4-H Camps.
Born Sept. 15, 1884, in Cottageville, "Uncle Charlie" graduated fo rm We st Virginia Wesleyan College in 1908 and taught school for four ye ar s. He later received a degree in agriculture from West Virginia Univers it y. He was a member of the House of Delegates for Jackson county and be co me Assistant Director of the Agricultural Extension Service at WVU in 1 91 4, when it was established, although he had previously done Extensi on wo rk in summer while attending WVU.
In 1918 he become an Assistant Director in charge of 4-H club wor k, a nd in 1933, he become State 4-H Club Leader. In 1937, he succeeded t he la te W. H. ("Teepi") Kendrick as director of the State 4-H Camp at Jac kson 's Mill.
Mr. Hartley also served as assistant to the State Commissioner of Agricu lt ure in the 1930's and has received recognition from both State and nati on al groups for distinguished service.
In 1940, Mr. Hartley was honored by the U. S. Department of Agricultu re f or 25 years of service with Extension, and in 1949 he received USDA 's Dist inguished Service Award for this "outstanding educational vision a nd stead fast adherence to an ideal of rural leadership." He recently w as honored w ith the I. B. (Tubby) Boggs award for his services to you th as direct or of the State 4-H Camp. He was a member of Epsilon Sigma P hi, Extensi on honorary, and of the West Virginia 4-H All-Stars, and orga nization whi ch he helped to start and which has now spread to a numb er of other state s.
Mr. Hartley had been active in the Methodist Church over a long pe ri od of years, serving as a trustee for W. Va. Wesleyan College, lay le ad er of the West Virginia Conference, trustee for 36 years at Drummond Ch ap el Church here, general superintendent of the Sunday School for 35 ye ar s. Until his death, he showed an active interest in all organizations s erv ing young people.
In the 14 yeas he was director of the State 4-H Camp, Mr. Hartley was re sp onsible for many major building and improvement projects.
Survivors include his wife, Ruth Miller Hartley; two sons, Charles H. Ha rt ley, Jr., Richland, Washington and Robert L. Hartley, Morgantown; fo ur bro thers, William H. Hartley, Troy, Ohio, Hoyt Hartley, Belpre, Ohi o, L. S. H artley, Morgantown, and Theodore B. Hartley, Richland, Wash.; t wo sister s, Mrs. Elizabeth Loudin, Richland, Wash., and Mrs. Alta Conne r, Modest o, Calif three grandson and one granddaughter. One daughter, Mar jorie Hart ley, died in 1939.
Mr. and Mrs. Hartley were married July 13, 1915 and established their re si dence in Morgantown at that time.
Funeral and burial services were held in Morgantown on Wednesday. 
Hartley, Charles Henry (I2838)
3671 [HartleyRay.FTW]

In newspaper Evans, Oct. 31, 1911 Edgar Fox and wife has a boy.
In newspaper March 6 1911 John Fox was the guess of Wm. Hughes Sunday.
In newspaper :
Edgar Fox, 23, and Clara Sayre 23
Miss Clara Sayre and Mr. Edgar Fox was quietly united in marria ge at hi gh noon on Wed. March 22, 1911 at the home of the bride parents M r. and Mr s. Oscar Sayre of Angerona by Rev. John Martin United Brethen Ch urch.

Joseph Edgar Fox
Funeral services for Joseph Edgar Fox were conducted at the Otterbein Un it ed Brethren Church Monday afternoon with Rev. Roy Davis in charge and b uri al followed in the church cemetery. On March 11 1911, he was unit ed in ma rriage to Clara Sayre and to this union four children were Bor n, Glenmer a nd Joe, of Cottageville; Otmer, of Angerona, and one daughte r, Mabel, at h ome. These children with their mother all survived as we ll as two grandchi ldren, Ernest Keith and Carolyn Faye Fox. Also survivi ng are his father a nd mother, John and Ella (Hughes) Fox, one sister, Mr s. Virgil Sayre, of E vans, and five brothers, Theodore of Akron, Ohio, Je sse of Dunbar and Denc il, Everett and John all Evans. Otho, infant brothe r, preceded him in deat h. After an illness of two years which he bore wi th the greatest of patie nce and fortitude, he passed from the earth expre ssing his willingness a nd readiness to go. (Herald 3 Jan. 1941.) 
Fox, Joseph Edgar Sr (I7726)
3672 [HartleyRay.FTW]

In newspaper Mrs. S. A. Hartley visited Oscar Sayre's one day last week.

Stephen and Victoria are buried in the Cherry Grove Cemetery by t he si de of both of their parents. They had 8 Children.

The farm he lived on was the Harpole far. 
Hartley, Stephen A. (I2699)
3673 [HartleyRay.FTW]

In the1880 census list a Mary C. Burlinghame 26 of Ohio in their househ ol d. 
Tomlinson, Elizebeth (I2612)
3674 [HartleyRay.FTW]

J. B. Stover was her brother. 
Stover, Dosha Otis (I1801)
3675 [HartleyRay.FTW]

Jane Hartley was never married. She died at age of 99 years. She was a m ot her to Alice Hartley having raised her. Alice was the daughter of Wil li am Hartley (Jane, brother) her mother unknown. 
Hartley, Jane (I2674)
3676 [HartleyRay.FTW]

John Hunt, 75 of Cottageville, died unexpectedly Monday about 5: 30 p. m. He and his brother, L. O. Hunt, were out on the farm when he w as stric ken suddenly while sitting in his car and talking with his nephew .
Hr. Hunt, a retired restaurant and general store operator, was born Oc t. 2 0, 1895 at Cottageville a son of the late B. W. and Hannah flowers H un t. He was a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles Aeric No. 2307 of P ark ersburg.
Surviving son Rutherford Hunt of Honolulu, Hawaii; a daughter. Mrs. Ma ry S igars of Albuquerque, NM; a sister, Mrs. Gertrude Miller of Parkersbu rg, a nd two brothers, Roy and L. O. Hunt of Cottageville.
Services will be held at the Casto Funeral Home at Evans after arr iv al of the son from Honolulu. Burial will be in Bethel Cemetery in Mas on Co .,WV 
Hunt, John William (I3716)
3677 [HartleyRay.FTW]

Johnnie Ball was drowned in the Ohio River at the old Ferry Crossing. H is girlfriend jumped in and he went in after her. She locked her arms arou nd his neck and drowned them both, some say they wanted to get married a nd the parents were against the marriage. This took place on July 4, 192 2. He died age at age 18 years 3 months 14 days. 
Ball, John Thomas (I2625)
3678 [HartleyRay.FTW]

Joseph T. Harrison is the author of "The Story of Dining Fork" (whi ch I ha ve one of the original copies handed down to me from my mother Mab el V. Ha rtley Hoschar.) Isabelle Harrison was the mother of Virginia Cart er who ma rried Perry Cooper. William H. Harrison is the father of John Ba ker Harris on who now owns the home farm. 
Harrison, Joseph T. (I2737)
3679 [HartleyRay.FTW]

Lawrence W. Tennant, 77 of Millwood, died Monday in Charleston aft er a lo ng illness.
He was born in Marion county, Aug. 23, 1884, a son of Daniel and Suzan na T oothman Tennant, and had been a farmer his entire life.
Survivors include his wife, Mrs Delphia Rand Tennant; one daughter, Mi ss J ulie Tennant, of Charleston; two grandchildren ; five great-grandchil dre n. one daughter preceded him in death.
Services will be held today (Wednesday) at 2 p. m. at the Chambers fun er al home in Ravenswood with the Rev. Earl Seaman officiating. Buri al wi ll be in Pleasant View cemetery. 
Tennant, Lawrence Washington (I2984)
3680 [HartleyRay.FTW]

lived in Boomer, WV in 1969. S.S. issued WV 236-09-7590 Leon, WV. 
Hartley, Dawson (I2878)
3681 [HartleyRay.FTW]

lived in Logan, Ohio when father died.
When married he lived at Cottageville, she lived at Millwood they we re bo th 21.

Name: Della Ellis Hughes
Birth Date: 20 Nov 1903
Birth State: West Virginia
Birth Country: United States

Gender: Male
Race: White
Hispanic Origin: Not Hispanic (Latino)

Death Date: 26 May 1994
Death Time: 8:31 AM
Hospital of Death: Lancaster-Fairfield Hosp Med
City of Death: Lancaster
County of Death: Fairfield
Certificate: 036669
Age at Death: 90
Hospital Status: Hospital/Inpatient

Social Security Number: 275-01-1682
Father's Surname: Hughes
Mother's Maiden Name: Flowers
Marital Status: Married
Education: 6
Industry of Decedent: Motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment
Occupation of Decedent: Miscellaneous machine operators, not elsewhere c la ssified

Primary Registration District: 2301 
Hughes, Della Ellis (I10105)
3682 [HartleyRay.FTW]

Marjorie Hartley, the 18 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Ha rt ley, died suddenly at the home at Morgantown Monday night of a heart at tac k. The death was a shock to the family and friends since Marjorie appa rent ly in good health and had returned to her home from a party just a f ew min utes before she was stricken. She was a member of the senior cla ss of Morg antown High school and was an accomplished vocalist. The funer al servic es were held in Morgantown on Wednesday and burial was a cemete ry there. A mong the folks from this section who attended the funeral we re Rev. and Mr s. John J. Loudin of Ripley, Hoyt Hartley of Cottageville a nd county age nt D. L. Cottrill of Ripley. (Herald,. Fri. Feb. 9, 1940) 
Hartley, Marjorie Louise (I2842)
3683 [HartleyRay.FTW]

Marriage give him as being born in Jackson Co. could find no birth recor d. He is the son of Benjamin F. and Emaline (Smith) Ridenour they h ad 15 children. They lived on Cow Run several years then moved to New Shef field, PA.

Benjamin F. and Emaline (Smith) Ridenour children.
1. E. M. Ridenour born Oct. 25, 1869
2. Nancy C. Ridenour born Feb. 18, 1868
3. ?? Ridenour born Feb 22, 1873
4. Alpha O. Ridenour born Apr. 6 1866
5. Cleophas Ridenour born Sept. 30, 1888
6. Emly Ridenour born 1877
7. Esta Ridenour born Aug 23 1890
8. Kenneth Franklin Ridenour born Sept 15 1884
9. William W. Ridenour born Jan. 23, 1871 
Ridenour, Emory Martin (I2782)
3684 [HartleyRay.FTW]

Mary Maxine Herdman, daughter of Wallie and Mirla Herdman, was born M ay 1 3, 1939, departed this life Aug. 23, 1940. She leaves to mourn her de partu re, father and mother, four brothers and four sisters; Clarence Her dm an of Lawrence, Mass., Robert, Dencil and Troy Herdman, at home; Glad ys He rdman of Columbus, Ohio, Wilda, Alma Bell and Betty Lou Herdman, a ll at ho me; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Abijah Herdman of Cottageville a nd a ho st of other relatives and friends. One sister preceded her in dea th (18 Oc t, 1940)

Mary Maxine Herdman
Burial services for Mary Maxine Herdman, who died on Friday Au g, 2 3, at a local hospital, were held Saturday at the Long View cemete ry ne ar Evans, with the J. E. Vail establishment in charge. Mary Maxine w as bo rn May 13, 1939, at Evans, a daughter of Wallie and Merle Herdma n. (Hera ld, 30 Aug. 1940

Stone has Maxine M. Herdman. 
Herdman, Mary Maxine (I8953)
3685 [HartleyRay.FTW]

Mazilla Jane (Herdman) Sayre, one of the oldest residents of the Cow Run community, died Monday morning as a result of a stroke. The aged la y would have been 80 years old on Dec. 5, the day following her death. Mrs. Sayre was born Dec. 4, (I don't know which date. This is the way the newspap er had the article) 1859, in Mason County, a daughter of Peter and Nancy (Flowers) Herdman. In 1883 she was married to George Sayre who survives. She was a member of the Church of God (Logger Head?). Beside her husband she is survived by five sons,. Wade, Virgil, Ray, Criss and Thomas, a d a daughter, Nancy Shinn. Funeral services were to be held at Creston at 10:30 o'clock Thursday, Dec. 7. Burial will be in the Creston Cemetery with the J. E. Vail Undertaking establishment in charge. (Herald Fri ., Dec. 8, 1939) 
Herdman, Mazilla Jane (I10575)
3686 [HartleyRay.FTW]

Mother was Opel Bower and Forrest Bower. 
Bower, Jesse Lee (I3277)
3687 [HartleyRay.FTW]

Mrs. Delphia Tennant 91, of Ravenswood, died Thursday at the McMillan Ho sp ital in Charleston after a short illness.
Born in Rick Run, the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Kinsey Ran, s he w as a member of the Pleasant View United Methodist Church in Ravenswoo d.
She is survived by one daughter, Miss Goldie Tennant of Charleston; a nd t wo grandchildren, Mrs. Evelyn Meeks, of Dunbar and Harold Tenna nt of the U nited States Air Force, she was preceded in death by one son.
Funeral services were conducted at 2 p.m. Sunday at the Pleasant View Un it ed Methodist Church with burial in the church cemetery.
Chambers funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. 
Rand, Delphia Isabel (I3401)
3688 [HartleyRay.FTW]

Mrs. Mary Sayre
Mrs. Mary Ball Sayre, 58 of Evans, died Tuesday morning at Jackson Gen er al Hospital after a brief illness.
Survivors are her husband, Della Sayre; a twin sister, Mrs. Clyde (S ar a) Vannest of Ravenswood; several nieces and nephew.
She was preceded in death by her parents, Wilbur L. and Cora Hartley B al l, and a brother, John Ball.
Casto Funeral home at Evans is in charge of arrangements which were inc om plete Tuesday afternoon.

They had no children. 
Ball, Mary Isabelle (I2626)
3689 [HartleyRay.FTW]

Never married.
He lived at Mingo at time of mothers death. 
Barr, Cecil (I3169)
3690 [HartleyRay.FTW]

Never married. 
Hartley, Gilbert (I2876)
3691 [HartleyRay.FTW]

Never married. 
Hartley, William (I2875)
3692 [HartleyRay.FTW]

Never married. 
Hartley, Anna (I2818)
3693 [HartleyRay.FTW]

Never married. 
Fox, Emily (I2705)
3694 [HartleyRay.FTW]

no children 
Dixon, Ruth Lyndon (I3367)
3695 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2907)
3696 [HartleyRay.FTW]

No children. 
Hartley, Grace (I2894)
3697 [HartleyRay.FTW]

No children. 
Sayre, Ada Ruth (I2801)
3698 [HartleyRay.FTW]

No children. 
Cooper, Thomas (I2734)
3699 [HartleyRay.FTW]

no Children. Mrs. Della Mae Fry, 79, of Cottageville, Rt. 2, Jacks on C o. died Friday of a heart attack while visiting in Columbus, OH. S he w as a member of the Order of Eastern Star. Burial in the Antioch Ceme ter y. 
Harris, Della Mae (I10087)
3700 [HartleyRay.FTW]

Obituary list a step-son 4 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren n ot su re if step grandchildren or not. 
Barr, Ado (I3171)

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