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West Virginia, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 38.919745, Longitude: -80.18168


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
51 Carte, Alfred Lee  Abt 1877West Virginia, USA I10081
52 Carte, Minne A  Abt 1879West Virginia, USA I10082
53 Carte, William L  Abt 1875West Virginia, USA I10080
54 Casto, Charles D  Feb 1898West Virginia, USA I14498
55 Casto, Euphamy B  Mar 1890West Virginia, USA I14493
56 Casto, James L  Mar 1896West Virginia, USA I14497
57 Casto, Mary J  Feb 1900West Virginia, USA I14499
58 Casto, Mason  Jun 1892West Virginia, USA I14496
59 Chandler, Mary  Abt 1891West Virginia, USA I16923
60 Cheesebrew, William Harrison  16 Aug 1935West Virginia, USA I16027
61 Coleman, John Herbert  4 Jun 1905West Virginia, USA I1182
62 Conrad, Rebecca A  26 Aug 1854West Virginia, USA I9993
63 Cornell, Shelia Dawn  13 Sep 1972West Virginia, USA I13593
64 Cornet, Janet Mae  11 May 1947West Virginia, USA I6423
65 Cossin, Juanita  25 Mar 1924West Virginia, USA I15672
66 Cossin, Myrtle Florence  12 Apr 1887West Virginia, USA I8005
67 Davis, Melinda  06 Apr 1845West Virginia, USA I2717
68 Dixon, Daniel Boyd  29 Aug 1909West Virginia, USA I3814
69 Dixon, Freedie  1914West Virginia, USA I5525
70 Dixon, John R  21 Aug 1872West Virginia, USA I6876
71 Dixon, John R.  5 May 1916West Virginia, USA I3815
72 Dixon, Mary B  1902West Virginia, USA I7870
73 Dixon, Verda G  1905West Virginia, USA I8297
74 Donohew, Pamela Rose  09 Mar 1955West Virginia, USA I16455
75 Donohew, Sandra Kay  11 Mar 1956West Virginia, USA I16456
76 Donohew, Timothy Dean  19 Feb 1960West Virginia, USA I421
77 Doyle, Catherine  17 May 1861West Virginia, USA I7988
78 Duff, Florence Wanda  01 Nov 1920West Virginia, USA I16136
79 Duffield, James Elliot  18 Mar 1854West Virginia, USA I9392
80 Duffield, Marion  02 Jul 1869West Virginia, USA I9390
81 Dunham, Insul Carl  23 Oct 1920West Virginia, USA I14912
82 Dunham, Linda Maxine  11 Jul 1944West Virginia, USA I14943
83 Dunham, Lola Francis  9 Aug 1909West Virginia, USA I14909
84 Durst, Bennie L  1898West Virginia, USA I4779
85 Durst, Peter M  1896West Virginia, USA I4768
86 Edna, Bloom  Bef 1935West Virginia, USA I16427
87 Ferrell, Albert T  Abt 1879West Virginia, USA I17018
88 Flesher, Granville Clinton  12 Jul 1866West Virginia, USA I7588
89 Flesher, Hal C  12 Nov 1866West Virginia, USA I10537
90 Flesher, John Webster  18 May 1834West Virginia, USA I5167
91 Flowers, Myrtle Cynthia  18 Jan 1887West Virginia, USA I9309
92 Foglesong, Marvin  27 Aug 1917West Virginia, USA I1064
93 Foglesong, Ruby Mae  21 Feb 1923West Virginia, USA I1066
94 Fox, Anna Marie  19 Aug 1917West Virginia, USA I4969
95 Fox, Colter Lee  26 May 1938West Virginia, USA I3131
96 Fox, Infant  West Virginia, USA I3574
97 Fox, Infant Daughter  16 Aug 1919West Virginia, USA I4979
98 Fox, Infant Son  West Virginia, USA I4977
99 Fox, Wavie  West Virginia, USA I6725
100 Fox, William Basil  20 Jul 1915West Virginia, USA I4971

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
51 Moncrief, Homer Neal  11 Feb 1963West Virginia, USA I16795
52 Morrison, Edna Mae  West Virginia, USA I15647
53 Ong, Sarah M.  26 May 1981West Virginia, USA I11700
54 Peck, Lovina  Aft 1900West Virginia, USA I7818
55 Proudfoot, John  Abt 1864West Virginia, USA I9103
56 Pullins, Charles Clayton  Sep 1981West Virginia, USA I16853
57 Pullins, Roy Overt  9 Jun 1898West Virginia, USA I1769
58 Rector, Geraldine Virginia  Jun 1985West Virginia, USA I16680
59 Rhodes, Loretta Fay  08 Aug 2009West Virginia, USA I15833
60 Rhodes, Samuel Ulyeses Grant Sr  Bef 1910West Virginia, USA I11587
61 Ridenour, Kenneth Franklin  18 Sep 1971West Virginia, USA I6453
62 Rogers, Roena Ethel  24 Feb 1976West Virginia, USA I16557
63 Roseberry, Levi  25 Feb 1899West Virginia, USA I7759
64 Sayre, David  West Virginia, USA I10698
65 Sayre, Hobert Garrett  Sep 1991West Virginia, USA I12533
66 Sayre, Isaac  Feb 1975West Virginia, USA I10702
67 Sayre, John Henry  5 Aug 1986West Virginia, USA I14654
68 Sayre, Josie E.  13 Apr 1917West Virginia, USA I2792
69 Sayre, Mary E. Belle  8 Dec 1935West Virginia, USA I8020
70 Sayre, Mary Lou  14 Aug 2000West Virginia, USA I3521
71 Sayre, Sybil Iantha  West Virginia, USA I13870
72 Sayre, Virgil Bradford  10 Dec 1994West Virginia, USA I10278
73 Scarberry, Richard E  26 Aug 1989West Virginia, USA I9330
74 Schultz, August F  6 Jul 1905West Virginia, USA I9294
75 Schultz, Frederick A  West Virginia, USA I9296
76 Schultz, Gary Lee  10 Apr 1987West Virginia, USA I14959
77 Shinn, Charles M  29 Mar 1883West Virginia, USA I9109
78 Shinn, Samuel  3 Apr 1904West Virginia, USA I9108
79 Siders, Josephine  1910West Virginia, USA I16397
80 Starcher, Katherine  1828West Virginia, USA I10723
81 Stephens, Minor Ezekiel  16 Dec 1972West Virginia, USA I16100
82 Stephens, Myrtle Florence  28 Feb 1951West Virginia, USA I16101
83 Stone, Benjamin Elmer  17 Oct 1887West Virginia, USA I8024
84 Stone, Elias Ichabod  20 Jul 1931West Virginia, USA I7983
85 Stone, Eliza Jane  1925West Virginia, USA I10531
86 Stone, Frederick Miller  1929West Virginia, USA I7984
87 Stone, James  1912West Virginia, USA I8090
88 Stump, Jemima  24 Dec 1941West Virginia, USA I4149
89 Stump, Michael Jr  17 Mar 1883West Virginia, USA I4140
90 Stutler, Vinson  23 Aug 1899West Virginia, USA I7358
91 Thornton, Genevieve Frances  6 Feb 2001West Virginia, USA I16151
92 Wayne, Charles  29 Apr 1999West Virginia, USA I427
93 Webster, Cynthia Mayoma  07 Jun 1906West Virginia, USA I11586
94 Williams, Fielding  Abt 1877West Virginia, USA I955
95 Wink, Charles E. Jr  27 Aug 1967West Virginia, USA I920
96 Zearley, Emaline  1899West Virginia, USA I3552
97 Zell, James Armitage  31 Mar 1921West Virginia, USA I4546

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