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 Knopp Cemetery, Mason County, WV, USA



Latitude: 38.554095, Longitude: -82.043193
Knopp Cemetery


The following information is from Susie Crupm.
I recently had an email that wanted to know if I knew anything about a Knopp Cemetery in the TNT Area of Mason County. The person happened upon this cemetery which she said is quite overgrown and I wrote back and said that if it was near Pond 3 that I was aware of the cemetery and that there should be at least twelve graves there. I also asked her if she would take some pictures and we could put them on the website. When Violette Machir "read" this cemetery some years ago she mentioned that it was overgrown at that time by honeysuckle. It looks like nothing is being done to preserve this cemetery. The pictures were taken by Genetta Browning and I would like to thank her for taking the time and effort to do this. I was able to put a couple of pictures together and get a wider view of some of the graves.


Catherine C Knopp Clendenin (1841-1909); Lewis Granville Clendenin (1850-1911); Lewis Edwards 1866-Feb 07, 1868; Mary Edwards 1839-Oct 11, 1925; Maude M Gaskins, May 1883 - June 6, 1883; Agnes Knopp (1858-1947); Ann Caldwell Knopp (1810-1866); Eliza Jane Mayes Knopp; George W Knopp (1842-1898); Hamilton O Knopp, 1871-August 07, 1874; Jane T Knopp 1805-Sep 10, 1855; John Knopp 1817- Jul 26, 1898; Louise Knopp (1839-1841); M T Knopp dod Sep 1873; "Meg" Margaret Knopp Feb 16, 1860-Nov 17, 1930; Michael P Knopp Apr 03, 1825-Jan 23, 1848; Peter Knopp dob 1785, dod Sep 1870; Reuben Knopp Jul 18, 1855-Oct 03, 1944; Sarah Kipps Knopp 1788 - Jul 1832

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