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Campbell Thomas (Nor our Thomas) --- January 19 1885

St. Louis Post Dispatch new
Contributed by Gigimo

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Description: Stranger Than Fiction. A Grandson of the Scotch Poet, Thomas CAMPBELL, Arrested for Chicken Stealing.

Date: January 19 1885

Newspaper published in: St. Louis, MO
Parkersburg, W. Va., January 19.

Chief of Police MEHEN was surprised today at receiving, from Thomas CAMPBELL, a prisoner in the County Jail charged with chicken stealing, a letter wherein was set forth in the most exceptionable English a story which shows in a startling manner the ups and downs of life. The writer asserts that he is a grandson of Thomas CAMPBELL, the Scotch poet, and details his life and that of his family so minutely as to leave no doubt of the truth of the story. He says he was born near Edinburgh and was brought to American when 4 years old. At the outbreak of the war he served four years, falling from the ranks of the One Hundred and Thirty-third Pennsylvania Volunteers at the Wilderness with five bullets in his body. Recovering, he went abroad to complete his education, and in 1870 graduated from the University of Paris. Afterwards he took a medical course at Berlin, and the following year engaged in the drug business in Zanesville, Ohio. He was ruined by the floods of last February, and removed with his family to Pennsylvania. He went to Pittsburg, and, finding his finances low, secured a flat-boat and embarked his family for Cincinnati, intending to engage in the rag and junk business en route. At Marietta he fell in with a stranger, who suggested the poultry business as an auxiliary. This was agreed to, but in a few days the partner let a number of fowls escape, and, to avoid loss, made up the deficiency from a neighboring farm yard. CAMPBELL sold the stolen poultry, and was soon after arrested and jailed. The case excites much interest here.

Submitted: 09/15/10

Thomas Campbell

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